Rules Edit

Hi there! These are the rules of Friendship Wiki! Please read them carefully.

1. Do not post rude comments because this wiki is all about friendship.

2. If you don't like someone's article, tell them what they good improve, add or remove and point out what you liked about it.

3. Respect not only me (cause I created this wiki), but also the others. Respect is the most important part of wiki. It's what binds us together to talk to each other inoffensively.

4.If someone has broken one of these rules, please tell me, The ❤️Wildflight❤️,and I will give them one of the warnings or reminders below.

5. You should try to advertise this wiki if you can, but you don't have to.

Any other ideas for rules? Please tell me on my talk: (Speak Your Mind...)

Warning Levels Edit

If someone says something offensive about a blog post or message wall, please tell The ❤️Wildflight❤️.

When you tell me, I would like to know what they said and where and I will decide what warning they get.

Level 1 Warning: You get this if you said something like "I don't like this" (it's not that bad!)

Level 2 Warning: You get this for doing the same mistake too many times or saying something a bit ruder that "I don't like this".

Level 3 Warning: You get this if you said a swear word or making the same mistake lots of times again.

Reminder Warning: You get this if you said something wrong and you didn't notice, so it's a very friendly reminder to be more careful next time.